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Music: From Punk to Monk

Avi Penhollow has been all over the music spectrum.  He started off his career playing drums on empty ice cream tubs and progressed into his short career as a drummer in his high school metal band back in the late 1980's.  Avi shortly thereafter took up guitar and vocals in his college punk group Rev. Avi & The Muttonheads.  Since those spikey hair days Avi has performed in a variety of genres, including a form of yoga chanting called kirtan.  He formed a meditation and song community called Yeshu Mandala and has led kirtans throughout the United States. 


Avi is currently writing new material that has yet to be categorized, along with reworking some of his old songs going all the way back to the punk days.  This page will be updated as these projects emerge.

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